Communing With Plants

Plants Can Read Your Mind

Plants can be thought of as harvesters of light, as they generate energy from the sun through the miracle of photosynthesis; they are quite literally light manifested in material form. In the beginning of time, light divided itself, fractalized and imbued itself into everything, giving the entire natural world a consciousness and intelligence. It’s as if the sun broke off and planted a small piece of itself within every living thing, imbuing it with meaning, purpose, and language.

Intelligence is infused throughout all of nature; all things are alive, as they are apart of life itself, and thus contain consciousness and intelligence within their forms. As we begin to recognize plants as sentient, living beings, we see transformational healing and cultivation of spiritual awareness. Learning to speak the language of plants is the first step of human beings returning to the natural order of life.

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Communing Through The Language Of The Heart

The heart contains its own electromagnetic field that extends outwards and interacts with the fields of near by beings. Imagine your heart emanating its electromagnetic field with its own unique frequency, then imagine a plant emanating its own frequency. Those two fields interweave when you are walking through a forest, overlapping and synchronizing information.

Consciously tune into your heart centre, expand your field outward and wrap it around a plant, flower or tree. As you rest into stillness, quiet the mind and focus on your heart centre, your heart will relay information from the being to your brain. You and the plant begin to ride the same wave, and in this moment, information is exchanged. An unheard feeling-based language is spoken between yourself and another kingdom of life. This is how traditional people around the world learnt about the plants from the plants, rather than science and research.

Plants Can Read Your Mind

Cleve Backster, a polygraph expert from the 1920s, discovered that plants demonstrate conscious awareness and respond to our thoughts. He proved that plants can read your mind through a number of experiments that began by attaching a lie detector test to his house plant. One day while bored at home, he had a thought that he was going to burn a leaf of one of his plants. As soon as he made the decision to do this, the plant that was hooked to the lie detector test made an unusual tracing on the paper. He noticed that the plant was responding to his thought of burning it. After this experience, he ran hundreds of tests on several different plants, all confirming that plants are smarter than we think. Through his experiments he proved that plants react to our thoughts, have memory, and can sense when being threatened.

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Speak To Your Medicine

When working with plant medicine its important to acknowledge the intelligence and the soul of the plant to enhance the effectiveness of medicinal quality. The “plant spirit” is the active component in herbal preparations that people are so desperately seeking. It’s the spirit of the plant that harnesses the intelligence.

Intimate attention and gratitude is what allows the medicine maker to communicate with the plant spirit and imbue this essence into his or her medicine. If we choose to devalue this step of preparing medicine, we carry on the physical remnants of the plant but lose the most adored component; the spirit. Plants are responsive allies and trustworthy companions, and when we ask them to make medicine with us, they do so willingly and wholeheartedly.

Here are some rituals you can do to connect with plants to enhance their power:

  • Acknowledge them as fully alive, fully aware entities. Understand that their awareness could be more developed than our own.

  • Express gratitude to them for providing medicine and nourishment for our bodies.

  • Let them know your intention with your herbal medicine. Ex: If you’re making a herbal elixir for lung support, ask the herbs to help clear and support the lungs.

  • Be open to the experience of plants having more to offer than what we have deemed possible.

  • Grow your own garden. When you grow your own garden, the healing vibration of plants surrounds you and you begin to feel different; happier, more relaxed. That’s why so many people garden, because being immersed by plants makes them feel differently.

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For anyone who works with plants, whether you're a gardener, a herbalist, or a hiker, you may have experienced a plant communicating with you. It can take you by surprise at first, but you soon will learn that the plants want a talk to us, they want to help us.

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