Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha With Medicinal Mushrooms

Vanilla Hazelnut Mushroom Mocha


This vanilla hazelnut mocha with medicinal mushrooms is cozy and decadent as all hell. Notes of caramel meet sweet maple and smoky vanilla, coffee, and a hint of salt. This tonic is energizing, uplifting, comforting, nourishing and medicinal all at the same time. With the benefits of the super mushrooms to the raw cacao - this well rounded recipe satisfies our desire for both health AND decadent indulgences. Why choose one or the other when you can have both at the same time?!

Maybe you've heard the buzzwords 'medicinal mushrooms' or 'adaptogens' floating around but you're not sure what the heck that even means.

Medicinal Mushrooms

When we say 'medicinal mushrooms' we're not talking about the psychedelic kind that alter your perception, we're talking about mushrooms with truly medicinal qualities that have been researched and backed by the scientific community, such as Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps. Lions Mane and Turkey Tail.

Chaga: Chaga mushrooms are an antioxidant powerhouse, making them extremely useful for fighting free radicals and inflammation. Oxidative stress is linked to skin aging, memory issues, decreased eye sight, headaches and joint pain. The powerful antioxidants may prevent or slow the growth of cancer, and has been found to LDL the “bad” cholesterol. Most of the studies on chaga are done on human cells and mice, but the signs point to this shroom being good for you — inside and out.

Reishi: Often referred to as 'Natures Xanax' and for good reason. Reishi is an incredible anti-anxiety mushroom thanks to the compound triterpene, which has its fair share of mood-boosting compounds may alleviate anxiety, ease depression and promote deep sleep. But triterpenes’ positive effect on the nervous system doesn’t stop there, Reishi can also balance the adrenal glands and support heart health. 

Cordyceps: Known for being very stimulating thanks to its effect on oxygenation and opening the lungs. Cordyceps can help the body utilize more oxygen and increase ATB (energy) production.This can be especially helpful for athletes or those who regularly work out. This mushroom has been shown to not only improve exercise and athletic performance, but also speed up post-workout muscle recovery.

Lions Mane: Lions Mane is well known for its brain-nourishing properties. Brain fog or memory loss got you down? Lions Mane boosts myelin production (the protective barrier around nerve fibres) to protect the brain from oxidative stress and chemical pollution. 

Turkey Tail: Turkey Tail strengthens the immune system so well that its used as an anti-cancer drug in Japan. It has been reported to extend the survival rate for people with certain cancers.


Adaptogens are powerful plants that work by regulating the endocrine organs. Can't sleep at night? Dependent on caffeine? Easily angered? Anxious about day to day tasks? These are all signs that your body needs adaptogens to help balance the hormones that cause these intense emotions. They increase our resistance to stress and balance our energy levels. They are here to support us in the fast paced, hectic society we live in. 

All of the mushrooms listed above are powerful adaptogens that when taken regularly; will help you feel relaxed, encourage deep sleep, promote happiness, and help you feel like you can take on the world again.

Now Lets See The Recipe!

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  • 1 cup organic coffee, brewed and cooled or wildcrafted chaga tea, cooled
  • 2 cups spring water or restructured filtered water
  • 2 tbsp Wild Bloom Botanicals Mushroom Cacao Milk
  • 1 tbsp organic activated hazelnut butter
  • 1-2 tbsp organic maple syrup to taste
  • 1 tsp organic coconut butter
  • 1 tsp organic vanilla bean
  • 1 tsp organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil optional
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt


  • Blend everything using a simple blender to roughly combine the solids and liquids
  • Heat the liquid in a saucepan while stirring for a final melt and improved texture
  • Serve in your fave mug with a sprinkle of extra cacao and dried rose petals (this recipe yields approx. 2-3 servings!)
  • In warmer seasons, you can skip the heating and pour over ice for a cold brew!
  • Store any extra mocha in the refrigerator for up to a week

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