Herbal Astrology: Herbs Of The Sun


Each planet has a unique force that manifests within peoples constitution, organ systems and tissues. They imprint in our soul and energetic bodies and contribute to the evolution of our consciousness.

The seven visible planets represent the universal pattern of creation. The visible light spectrum is divided into seven main colours, the auditory range has seven notes on the musical scale, there are seven days of the week, seven electron rings surrounding atoms, seven chakras, and seven days of creation in the Bible. The number seven is rich with mythological, religious, metaphysical symbolism as well as practical applications in the world of medicine.

Ancient cultures around the world have recognized that celestial bodies directly affect life on Earth. We use telescopes to see things far away, microscopes to see the miniature world, and horoscopes to see the underlying influences affecting the human body, mind and spirit. In the older days of medicine, it was standard procedure for university trained physicians to be well versed in astrology.

The Sun’s Characteristics

The sun, the centre of our solar system, embodies the energy of Creation that sustains and distributes life. The sun exists in the centre of all living things. Within us, the sun symbolizes the essence of our heart, the organ that nourishes every part of our being. The sun regulates seasons, plant growth, migration patterns and cycles of introspection in humans.

It represents power and thus it correlates to maniprura chakra, or the solar plexus. Our internal drive, vitality and personal will power stems from the sun. The astrological sign of Leo is ruled by the sun and these archetypes of personality often love being the centre of attention, much like the sun at the centre of all planets. Solar constitutions manifest in people as medium height, with a strong athletic physique. They have well developed musculature and are generally pitta. They usually have broad shoulders, full chest and bright eyes. They’re body temperature is often warm due to strong circulation and their primary associated organ being the heart.

The sun represents our deepest level of vitality, governing both our physical and mental energy. When vitality is lowered through depleting activities, poor digestion, lack of sleep, or overexertion, our energy, our sun force is lowered.

Disease of the sun manifest as too much heat in the tissues, such as high inflammation, oxidative stress, acidic blood, aggravation or anger. Solar deficiencies manifest as weakness, cold body temperature, low metabolism, depression, low libido, fatigue, lack of vitality, shyness, lack of confidence, fearful and dependent.

The sun teaches us to shine outward from our hearts and live in accordance with our truth. In the suns balanced expression, we see individuals who are confident in themselves, cheerful, positive, warm hearted and display leadership skills. They have strong willpower and express it without fear of judgment, but they do it in a way that isn’t arrogant.

Working with herbs that are ruled by the sun can help balance how its qualities manifest in peoples constitutions.

Solar herbs tend to be hot, dry, yang and expansive. Their main characteristics restore immunity, blood circulation, kindle digestive fire, increase longevity, improve vision, dispel cold and dampness, and remove phlegm from the lungs.

It’s important to note that the Sun rules the physical heart, but the emotional and spiritual heart bears relationship to Venus, the planet of love, harmony and relationships.


Herbs of The Sun

Herbs for energy: Rhodiola, cinnamon, turmeric, yellow dock

Herbs for mood: St Johns Wort, turmeric, chamomile, Lemon Balm, Calendula

Warming herbs: Turmeric, St Johns Wort, Cinnamon