Blue Lotus Benefits

Blue Lotus (aka Blue Water Lily)

Blue lotus is a highly revered plant with a rich history from ancient Egypt and Asia. It is mainly harvested in Thailand and India and sold all over the world as a tea, tincture, smoke blend or made into perfumes. Often referred to as the plant of the Gods for its euphoric and spirit enhancing qualities. The ancient Egyptians used it in ceremony as they believed it connected them to the God’s.



Blue Lotus Uses & Benefits

Blue Lotus is known for it’s many ceremonial and health qualities. It is a wonderfully unique herb for its calming effects and third eye connection. Here is a list of more of its benefits.

 Natural Sedative And Calming

  • Blue Lotus can be used to relax stress and anxiety due to its affinity towards the nervous system and adrenal glands. If your adrenal glands are producing too much cortisol, it will help bring it down to a normal amount, thus lowering the amount of stress you feel. It also supports the nervous system in switching to parasympathetic mode rather than staying in sympathetic mode (rest and digest). Both the hormonal system and nervous system need to be supported for people with chronic stress.

Opens The Mind To Higher Awareness

  • Blue lotus promotes a healthier circulatory system, which means that blood flows through the body more easily, including the brain. Because of both its relaxing effects and circulation effects, it can help people to become more aware and feel mentally alert. Thanks to its unique dynamic of relaxing the body yet heightening awareness within the mind, many find it useful to help them relax into a meditative state.

  • Perhaps one of the most popular uses of blue lotus is to increase connection to the spiritual realm. Many report that after working with this herb in a ceremonial space they feel a heightened sense of connection and upliftment. Historically in Egypt, blue lotus was used in birth and death ceremonies to help guide the transition.

Lucid Dreaming

  • Many ancient spiritual texts explain that this herb opens the third eye so one can see clearly into their subconscious mind and beyond. Blue lotus has been successfully used across the world to assist people with their lucid dreaming practices due to its ability to help us dream more vividly. Taking blue lotus before sleep can help you tap into the dream world with more ease.

Increased Libido

  • Some people experience an increase of sexual desire when using blue lotus. Historically it has been used in Egyptian rituals to unite soulmates and increase sexual stamina. Many reports claim it’s useful for erectile dysfunction. Can be used in love magic rituals and shared with your partner to make your intimate experience more sacred.


lotus essential oil

Blue Lotus Essential Oil Benefits

  • Enjoy its natural perfume for its relaxing and aphrodisiac qualities by anointing your wrists or blending it into a massage oil. May be beneficial in facial serums for dry skin as it helps to reduce dry, rough or flaky skin.