Cardamom Rose Lassi

Opening the heart and invigorating the spirit with an Ayurvedic cardamom rose lassi, including the organic Rose Powder by Wild Bloom Botanicals. Nourish, energize, and flow.


Cardamom Rose Lassi Recipe Wild Bloom Botanicals



They say that you are what you eat—but you are, in fact, actually what you digest. Lassi is an effervescent, perfect post lunch probiotic drink that satiates sweet cravings with its astringent flavour. It can be made in so many ways, customized to your preferences and unique constitution. Lassi is a traditional drink that originates from India, created by mixing fresh yogurt with spring water into a light and refreshing, tangy drink. The blending of the yogurt mixture kindles the drink’s agni principle, making this combination excellent for digestion when taken at the end of a meal – the quantity should generally be no more than 1 cup at once. This lassi is best served at room temperature, as cold is shocking to the system and can kill digestive fire according to Ayurveda.

Lassis digest more easily than plain yogurt, as the blending breaks up the gel and the added spices combat mucus. Opt for high quality, grass fed goat, sheep or water buffalo yogurt or kefir for best results and health benefits, or swap for pure unsweetened coconut kefir if that’s what you prefer. No matter how you navigate it, the fermented nature of the lassi will improve your intestinal flora and relative resilience.

As with anything, even the “healthiest” foods can hinder optimal wellness if taken in excess or in the wrong combinations. Yogurt is generally best in smaller amounts and with proper food combining to aid digestion. For best results, see if you can find a trusted practitioner who can give you a personalized Ayurvedic consultation for your unique needs, climate, constitution, etc… not only for lassi, but how its role can fit in with everything else in your daily life, along with simply following your intuition.

The most beneficial forms of yogurt/kefir are:

  • organic
  • grass/hay fed
  • unpasteurized (raw) – as is the norm in places like Mongolia
  • unhomogenized (whole)
  • zero gums, fillers, flavours, and additives that have a very real impact on the gut flora
  • in other words, as close to its natural state as possible, even when you warm or boil it

Did you know that milk kefir helps with benzene detoxification in the body? Benzene is present in sunscreen, plastics, rubber, paint, and more. It damages bone marrow and ovarian tissue, and is a known carcinogen. More reasons to go for sustainable, local, grass fed, ethically pasture raised kefir. Nature is magic. And indeed, this means no. cockroach. milk. for me. ever.


Wild Bloom Botanicals Rose Powder Organic



The addition of organic Rose Powder by Wild Bloom Botanicals further aids digestion by cooling excessive heat in the body. Rosa centifolia can bring us a deeper level of healing that works on more subtle aspects of our Being. Not only do they heal the physical body, but they extend into our energetic auras and resonate at a healing frequency that work on our emotional and spiritual body. Like all of the Wild Bloom offerings, this blend is 100% organic, ethically sourced, unprocessed, unsprayed, non-irradiated, raw, and without any added flavours, colours, additives, excipients, or preservatives. I really couldn’t ask for more!

Rose teaches us to maintain an open, full, and strong heart – just like the soft, delicate, heart-shaped flowers – yet to maintain proper boundaries, like her sharp thorns. Ruled by Venus, Rose helps us to stay open-hearted in all of our relationships; including our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to nature.

Benefits of rose:

  • helps soothe skin irritation
  • opens and softens the emotional heart, extending into our energetic auras
  • eases the pain associated with trauma, restoring integrity
  • cools the pitta dosha, relaxing fiery emotions such as anger and frustration
  • helps one to connect to love more freely
  • soothes sore throats
  • reduces skin redness
  • prevents and treats infections
  • contains antioxidants
  • heals cuts, scars and burns topically
  • enhances mood
  • relieves headaches
  • potent anti-inflammatory properties
  • formidable natural beauty ally
  • naturally caffeine-free
  • may help alleviate menstrual pain
  • reduces severity of allergic reactions
  • antibacterial properties
  • improves insulin resistance and heart health
  • loaded with vitamins C, A and E, the B-complex, as well as calcium, magnesium, and potassium


Cardamom Rose Lassi Recipe Rose Powder Wild Bloom Botanicals


Recipe by Root To Sky Kitchen.

Cardamom Rose Lassi Recipe



  • Blender



  • 1/2 cup grass fed goat yogurt or pure coconut kefir, or raw goat, sheep, or water buffalo kefir/yogurt
  • 1 1/2 cups spring water
  • 1 tsp Wild Bloom Botanicals rose powder
  • 1/4 tsp organic ground cardamom
  • dried organic rose petals and chopped organic pistachio to garnish



  • In a blender, mix the yogurt, water, rose powder and cardamom until combined and a froth forms. Skim and discard the froth, as this will help the lassi become lighter to digest. Serve, garnished with rose petals and chopped pistachio nuts.



  • Lassi is best served at room temperature or warm and combined with digestive spices.
  • Blending infuses the lassi with fiery energy and enhances its digestive power.
  • Avoid taking with fruit as it will likely result in gas.
  • Since it is cooling, it is best to avoid having lassi after sunset.
  • Lassi is a nice drink to enjoy on occasion to bring in beneficial bacteria. Enjoy a half cup with your midday meal (when agni is strongest) to get the most benefit. Be sure to exercise moderation.
  • To calm vata or kapha states, try adding black pepper and honey. To calm pitta, use maple syrup or raw local honey as a sweetener and add fennel, coriander or mint.