Date Night Elixir Recipes

With Valentine’s Day around the corner in the midst of a pandemic, it might seem like options are limited for going out and celebrating our loved ones. Although we’re all forced to stay home this year, we can still create a special night with a romantic atmosphere at home.


Quarantine Date Nights


Set The Mood

Staying home can seem mundane since we’re home all the time, but we can change that up by simply adding “a little spice”. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, smudge your house with incense, play some music, set up a cozy space with pillows, blankets, candles, and make a special drink and amazing meal for you and your lover.


Play A Game Or Get Creative

Challenge each other to a board game or video game to bond in a new way and have a little fun. Bring out your competitive sides and change up your dynamic to see who earns the bragging rights. Bring out the paint brushes and canvas and paint what your heart desires. Watch a Youtube video to follow along with painting instructions, or find a new craft you can start together.


Make A Bucket List

Think of all the things you’d like to accomplish and experience together in the post-pandemic life. Get detailed and really feel into what is going to bring you happiness as a couple. It’s so fun to dream together!


Enjoy Some Aphrodisiac Plant Medicine

There are some really beautiful plant medicines that help support a feeling of connection, open heartedness and pure love. Some examples include blue lotus, rose, damiana, hibiscus, muira puama, cacao, maca, and cinnamon.


Give Each Other Massages

Give your loved one a relaxing massage to make them feel loved. You can use Google or Youtube as a guide for new ideas. Use massage oil like coconut, jojoba, cacao butter, or something store bought to spice things up. Set the mood and take turns!


Have A Chocolate Fondue

Melt some raw cacao and dip your favourite fruit into the decadent melted chocolate. Strawberries, pineapple, cherries, grapes, and oranges all work great. Allow yourself to get messy with it!

Some Incredible Love Potion Cocktail Recipes:



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