Alcohol free herbal extract that helps increase energy, mental clarity and happiness. Rhodiola Sacra from the Himalayan mountains is a profound herb that increases ATP production within the cells, resulting in increased energy

Energy Tincture

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Rhodiola Sacra relieves stress, fatigue, mental fatigue, and sensations of weakness. It works by increasing the amount of oxygen the cells take in, and thus increasing the amount of ATP produced (energy). People with low iron, lung problems, lack of oxygen or shallow breathing can benefit from this herb greatly.

  • Vegan, Natural, Non Gmo
  • Alcohol-Free, No Hidden Fillers
  • Concentrated Liquid Herb
  • Slightly Sweet Herbal Flavour

About The Herb

Rhodiola Sacra or Tibetan Rhodiola is a very rare and scared herb from the Himalaya mountains that can only be found in the wild. It is impossible to cultivate, which makes it a very precious herb that isn't well known due to its limited quantity. It is an absolute blessing to have access to this herb because of its remote location. It grows in some of the most extreme weather conditions in the top of the mountains, which really speaks volumes to the energetic strength of this plant. Not only that, but it grows in some of the purest conditions on Earth as there are no human civilization in the top of the mountains where it grows.

This unique herb is widely regarded as one of the best adaptogens in existence, some master herbalists express its even more powerful than aged Ginseng or Reishi mushroom (two highly regarded adaptogens).

It is many times more powerful than Rodiola Rosea and St. Johns wort as a herbal antidepressant due to it's active ingredient, Rosavins.

Not only that but it tonifies the lungs, improves respiratory conditions like asthma, shallow breathing, or low oxygen intake. It delivers 200% of fresh oxygen to the brain within minutes of taking it, making it a powerful tool to increase endorphins and promote mental endurance.

This herb has been used by monks in the Himalaya mountains to help them sit in mediation for prolonged hours and deepen their spiritual practice because of its focus enhancing effects.

Ingredients: Wild harvested Rhodiola Sacra, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water

How to use: Can be used as a coffee replacement, pre-workout, study supplement, energy supplement, stress supplement, or as a lung tonic for people with lung imbalances.

It's also an incredible addition for spiritual practices such as yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.

Take 1-2 full droppers a day with water or as needed. Start with smaller dose and work way up to an appropriate dose for your unique body. I suggest taking it in the morning or afternoon.

Shelf Life: We recommend using your product within 3 years of purchasing.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.


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