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Jupiter corresponds to our dreams, visions, and the impact we have on the world. It’s the energy that bestows gifts and blessings in our lives, making us feel happy and fulfilled. In our birth charts, Jupiters placement represents an area that we are gifted, where our talents naturally flow. Jupiter relates to work and abundance, as we focus on turning our gifts and talents into work, our path and purpose naturally unfold. It is associated with ajna chakra, or the third eye, where we receive our visions and insights.


Jupiter moves in about a 12 year cycle, bringing new opportunities and visions each time. His main evolutionary function is to teach us to have faith in ourselves and believe in a higher power that supports us on our quest to living our dharma.



Jupiter types manifest with a large frame and strong build, with a tendency to become overweight. They can often be either very tall or very wide. In Ayurveda, Jupiter types can be seen as the Kapha constitution. Although Pisceans and Saggitarius, two signs ruled by Jupiter, can be expressed in either Vata or Pitta constitutions.

This planet rules the anabolic side of metabolism, the overall process of distributing nutrients to the rest of the body. The liver is one of the main organs with this function and if its function is slowed, we see poor digestion, bloating, liver stagnation, poor bile production, and a build up of toxins. This can be seen as “damp/stagnant” tissues, which is an accumulation of metabolic wastes that aren’t leaving the body properly.

Many of todays chronic diseases such as cancer, hypothyroidism, diabetes, heart disease, or strokes can all be tied to damp/stagnation within the liver and lymphatic system; which is a result of imbalanced metabolism, with an excess in anabolic side and a deficiency in the metabolic side. Anabolism supports growth, the key signature of Jupiter.

Jupiter types can tend towards escapism, preferring to leave reality and spend their time up in the clouds. This can unfortunately lead to patterns of addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, or any type of addictive behaviour. Jupiter types need to remember that doing what feels good isn’t always what’s best for us.


jupiter escapism


Deficiency of Jupiter can lead to under eating, poor digestion of fats, or exhausted nervous systems. Excess Jupiter can lead to obesity and malnourishment.

It’s psychological function teaches us to have faith in ourselves and our own unique purpose. Jupiter instills aspirations, optimism, enthusiasm and positivity around doing meaningful things with our lives.

On the other hand, an excess of Jupiter can lead to arrogance, egotism, overconfidence and a feeling of being superior than others. If we are not connected to our heart’s truth (Sun), what we are carrying into the world is just a reflection of the ego and not in service to the greater good of the world. Making sure we are connected to the greater good is Jupiters evolutionary function.

Jupiter teaches us to see beyond ourselves and to be in service to others. We become happy not based on financial success or material richness, but by connecting to something with a deeper meaning. It facilitates the initiation into our life’s work and what we are meant to do with the gifts we were given. He gives us visions for our lives, something to work towards for a greater sense of fulfillment.

The main teaching of Jupiter is to move past our own self imposed limits and boundaries, and to see the bigger picture of our lives. We begin to expand beyond what we think is possible and learn to trust in life itself. This trust and faith that Jupiter develops guides us towards a life with a deeper meaning.


Herbs Of Jupiter

tulsi - jupiter herb

Jupiter plants have a strong presence with their vital force expanding up and out, appearing plump and full. They don’t like being suppressed or crowded and like to be the ‘King’. Due to its association with the liver, many plants are bitter and help us purify the blood, lymph, gallbladder, and digestive system. They are also nutritive tonics that help build the blood and nourish the body.

Jupiter plants expand our consciousness and lift our spirit. When Jupiter is deficient, we see restrictive thinking with closed-off minds. Jupiter helps us connect to our greater purpose in life and provide clarity that moves us towards our souls purpose.

  • Herbs for liver health: Dandelion, Oregon grape root, Burdock, Yellow Dock
  • Herbs to lift the spirit: Lemon balm, Magnolia, Tulsi, Jasmine, Ashwagandha, Schisandra, Reishi, Essential Oils


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