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In the last post we learnt that the sun is the expansive, yang radiant life force that supplies us with willpower, strength, vitality, expressiveness, confidence, high energy levels and a positive attitude. The moon is the opposite, the receptive yin, ruling the night as the sun rules the day. The moon represents our inner nature, our feelings, emotions, and the water element.

The moon’s nature can be understood by observing her cycles in the sky and how it correlates to the feminine body. The waxing and waning patterns ebb and flow with the female reproductive system and have the power to raise the oceans, hence her sympathetic relationship to the water element and the womb. The moon’s orbital period is about 28 days, correlating with the woman’s menstrual cycle.

During the full moon, she is placed opposite to the sun, directly reflecting its light, giving it that full appearance. In these times it’s common for our emotions to expand and express outwardly. During the new moon, she is conjunct to the sun, or they are on top of each other, leaving us in the darkness of the night. This phase symbolizes our internalization of emotions and the unconscious part of our being.

Her movement through our birth chart represents our emotional body and how we learn to express our feelings and develop emotional maturity. She teaches us to feel things deeply without becoming stuck or attached to our emotions.


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The organs ruled by the moon are in the female reproductive system (also ruled by Venus). The breasts, uterus, menstrual cycle, and the hormone progesterone are all ruled by the moon. During pregnancy, the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid, hence the lunars symbiotic relationship to the water element. Imbalances in the reproductive system such as PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or amenorrhea may root from lunar pathologies, or in Venus pathologies, who also governs the female reproductive system.

Deficient moon manifests as dryness in the body, nervousness, or anxiety. Excess moon manifests as water retention, swelling, build up of toxins in the body, poor excretion of wastes, insomnia, fatigue, emotional instability, or headaches.

Since the moon rules our emotional body, people with a balanced lunar force make others feel warm, welcomed, and cherished. They know how to tend to the emotional needs of another. These people are sensitive, yet they don’t become attached to the constant emotional stimulus that they feel. They have developed emotional maturity and allow themselves to feel deeply. They understand that emotions constantly move in and out of the body.

In the less balanced lunar state, people have a high degree of sensitivity and reactivity. They react based on past conditioning or trauma that often results in unproductive healing. They are easily overwhelmed and are prone to meltdowns, forcing them into isolation so they can gather their emotions. They can be moody and irrational with their actions. Sensitivity is a gift, but it needs to be in a healthy balanced state.

The moon guides us to the depths of ourselves, teaching us to learn from our emotions and to let go when it’s necessary to do so. The evolutionary function of the moon is to guide us towards emotional maturity. We learn to be sensitive, allowing our outer world to touch our inner world, yet with healthy boundaries. The moon is the mother who teaches us to nurture and care for each other. She teaches us that everyone has deep waters and deep emotions just as we do. It is in the moons teachings we learn how to consciously connect with each other.

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Herbs of the Moon

As the moon relates to the water element, Lunar plants are often found near bodies of water or in damp parts of the forest. They naturally contain moisture and produce mucilaginous substance when mixed with water. They are often cooling and moistening herbs that work well for dry or hot constitutions. They internally moisturize mucosal membranes such as the digestive tract, urinary tract, and respiratory tract.

Theres a spectrum of nervines that are mildly sedative that can help to induce relaxation and sleep.

Lunar plants develop sensitivity, empathy and overall receptive nature. They help cleanse the emotional body of trauma, habits, and destructive patterns. They bring forth subconscious patterns that we often don’t want to look at. Lunar plants teach us to deal with our emotional reality and generate compassion for all living things. Through the moon we connect to the power of the imaginal realm which holds potential for physical manifestation.

  • Herbs for emotional upset: Kava kava, Lavender, Blue lotus, Passion flower, Poppy, Rose
  • Moistening herbs: Aloe vera, Chickweed, Marshmallow root, Licorice root, Slippery Elm
  • Herbs for opening the mind: Mugwort, Blue Lotus, Passion flower, Wormwood

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