Schisandra Extract Benefits: The Ultimate Guide

What is Schisandra?

Schisandra is known as the "Five Flavour Fruit" because it actually contains all five flavours - sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and pungent. This five flavour profile gives it an exceptional medicinal quality, because each flavour has a different healing action within the body, making it a well-rounded herbal remedy.

What are the benefits of Schisandra extract?

Schisandra is a natural adaptogen that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Schisandra extract has been shown to have a number of beneficial effects on the body, including supporting the liver, reducing stress, improving energy, boosting performance, improving mood, and clearing the skin.

The primary benefit of schisandra extract is its ability to support the liver and kidneys. Studies have shown that schisandra extract can help reduce inflammation in the liver, open the livers detox pathways, as well as improve liver function. This is due to its potent antioxidant properties, which help to protect the liver from damage. Additionally, schisandra is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A,C, and E, essential fatty acids, and phytosterols. 

Schisandra extract can also help to reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Because of it's adaptogenic properties, it can reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. This can help improve mood and reduce anxiety, giving you that stable mood and clear mind. 

  1.  A natural adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress and fatigue.

  2.  It has powerful antioxidant properties that help protect the body from free radical damage.

  3.  Improves liver function, reduces inflammation, and supports natural detox.

  4.  Reduce excessive sweating and loose bowel movements.

  5.  Protect the kidneys and liver from damage.

  6. Cool the liver meridian and reduce excessive anger.

  7. Reduce exhaustion from over-working.

  8. Clear the skin and increase longevity.

  9. Improve stamina in athletes.

  10. Reduce mental fatigue and forgetfulness.

Who Should Take Schisandra?

  • Schisandra extract is generally very safe and can benefit many people. I love to recommend Schisandra to 'type A' people who often find themselves stressed from over-working or perfectionism. 
  • It's also beneficial for people who may be experiencing liver or kidney issues. Because of its potent anti-oxidant qualities, it can protect the liver and kidney from poisons and common pollution that enter the body.
  • Women experiencing menopause may find relief from exhaustion and hot flashes from regular use of Schisandra extract.
  • Athletes who want to improve stamina and support the body's natural stress response may see improved performance with regular use of Schisandra.
  • People who suffer from excessive sweating or heat in the body may find relief from Schisandra's cooling effect.

How Does Schisandra Help Anxiety?

Research surrounding Schisandra is fairly conclusive in the fact that it is a powerful anti-anxiety herb, in addition to its ability to boost ones mood through lowering stress levels and enhancing mental performance. Its adaptogenic qualities mean that it specifically reduces both mental and physical stress, exerting a normalizing effect on the whole body.

Often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine longevity formulas, the Schisandra Berry has long been known to maintain vitality and support healthy cellular function. It is a fantastic liver detoxifier - the liver is largest elimination organ in the body and keeping the liver in tip-top condition plays an important part in how well we age. Schisandra actually works to deactivate free radicals that attack liver cells.

Schisandra As A Beauty Tonic

Schisandra is also a natural beauty tonic, protecting the skin from environmental stress, toxins and over-exposure to extreme weather, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines. Its astringent quality helps the skin to retain moisture and builds the immune defence energy that flows beneath the surface of the skin. This adaptive quality helps to open and close the pores, promoting the healing of various skin issues and helps skin to retain its elasticity, hence why it has been used for millennia by Asian women to enhance and preserve a youthful appearance.

Traditional Use

Schisandra has long been used in the traditional medicines of China and Russia for a wide variety of ailments, including; respiratory disease, asthma, insomnia, kidney problems and diarrhoea. Also classed as a herbal adaptogen, hunters and athletes would use this bright red berry to combat fatigue under physical stress and to increase endurance.

Spiritual Use of Schisandra

Schisandra calms the 'Shen'. The Shen is stored in the heart and represents the spirit or consciousness. Distributed Shen yields anxiety disorders, ADHD, and emotional/mental instability. By calming the shen, we feel a sense of ease and a regulated emotional state.  


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