What are the Benefits of Using Blue Lotus Essential Oil?

Blue Lotus Essential Oil has many health benefits, including mood boosting as it increases the user's dopamine level, stress relief, and can even be used as a skin moisturizer. 

The rest of this article will highlight the individual health benefits of using blue lotus essential oil, the science behind its effects, and the why you should try blue lotus essential oil. 

What are the Health Benefits of Using Blue Lotus Essential Oil? 

The Blue Lotus, its scientific name being Nymphaea caerula, is also known as the blue Egyptian lotus, the blue water lily, and the sacred blue lily. According to Healthline, the blue lotus is commonly used for:

  • insomnia or other sleep problems
  • stress relief
  • natural skin moisturizer

What Makes Blue Lotus Oil Effective? 

The blue lotus contains two unique psychoactive compounds that lend to its effectiveness: 

  • Nuciferine - triggers feelings of calm, which is helpful in relieving the mental and physical stress that can inhibit good quality sleep
  • Apomorphine - works to increase dopamine, lending to the user feeling happy or even euphoric. 

As a skin moisturizer, blue lotus is celebrated because it is non-comedogenic - meaning that the ingredients won't clog your pores and will allow your skin to breathe naturally. 

While most users report a relaxed, feel-good state after using blue lotus oil, some users have reported a high similar to consuming cannabis, though these experiences can vary widely between individuals and depend largely on the quantity, potency, and preparation of the blue lotus. 

Is the Blue Lotus a Modern Therapy? 

Modern humans are not the first to discover the health benefits of the blue lotus. 

The oil of this versatile flower has been used in human civilization as far back as ancient Egypt. It was a popular decoration in the ponds in the palace of the pharaohs and is also seen growing in the wild throughout Egypt and some parts of Asia. 

Anthropologists have discovered depictions of the blue lotus on ancient papyrus found in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians held the blue lotus in high esteem, and it had high cultural significance from its medicinal and sometimes mind-altering properties. 

The blue lotus has a unique scent and is used not only in oils, but in candles, teas, incense, potpourri, and more.   

Is Blue Lotus Legal? 

Aside from the state of Louisiana, where it is outlawed, blue lotus is legal to buy, sell, and cultivate in Canada and the United States.

Are There Any Risks Associated with the Use of Blue Lotus Oil? 

Because blue lotus oil contains psychoactive compounds, you might not know how it will affect you if using it for the first time. Start with a small dose. 

Important note: If consuming blue lotus oil - as with any natural supplement, it's best to check with your pharmacist for any potential drug interactions with medications you may be taking. 

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