Rose Lotus White Chocolate Moon Milk

Rose Lotus White Chocolate Moon Milk Latte Recipe Wild Bloom Botanicals


This rose lotus white chocolate moon milk is a mildly tangy, sweet and creamy tonic infused with magical herbs such as schizandra, rhodiola, and rose.

It can easily be made at any time of day, and it’s free of processed junk, seed oils, refined sugar, caffeine, gluten, grains and dairy, if you swing that way. Pour yourself a cup, so that you can then pour out of your own cup.


Rose Lotus Milk Powder Tea Wild Bloom Botanicals



To love the skin you’re already in is the highest revolutionary act in a world that programs insecurities, shame, and self-doubt. This rose lotus milk powder is a naturally beautifying blend that works to nourish your skin from the inside out. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants, minerals, anti-inflammatories, and healthy fats to keep the skin happy, glowing, and healthy. These herbs help alleviate mild depression, reduce stress, improve immune function, boost the mood, open the heart, and promote feelings of loving happiness.

Tonic herbs in general are an almost miraculous tool for any human on a serious growth path. They provide the power and adaptability required to survive the downtimes and instill a sense of self-respect of the highest order. They continue to help me become emotionally strong, calm and adaptive, and to understand the bigger picture of life.

Like all of Wild Bloom’s offerings, this powder is 100% organic, non GMO, ethically and mostly locally sourced, and is created without any fillers, colours, flavours, excipients, additives or preservatives. Just pure, straight up Earth goodness! Synthetic, chemically isolated, and artificial food-like products and supplements cannot hold a candle to nature’s own supernutrients.


Rose Lotus White Chocolate Moon Milk Wild Bloom Botanicals


Rose: (Rosa centifolia) Rose is packed with vitamin C, a necessary nutrient needed to stimulate collagen production. It’s considered a cooling herb that brings down inflammation or redness and is known to ‘tighten’ the skin to reduce appearance of wrinkles. Not only is it a beautifying flower, but it also works on a subtle energetic level to open the heart and promote connection to love. Rosa centifolia can bring us a deeper level of healing that work on more subtle aspects of our Being. Not only do they heal the physical body, but they extend into our energetic auras and resonate at a healing frequency that work on our emotional and spiritual body.

Schizandra (or schisandra) Berries: Schizandra berries come from the magnolia vine and are a fortuitous ally in the pursuit of epic health. Schizandra has roots in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for beautifying the skin by detoxing the liver. The capacity to detoxify and cleanse is one of the core elements in our long term health. The liver and skin are closely linked in TCM, and when one suffers from any skin conditions, they look into what’s happening with the liver. Schizandra stimulates both phase I & II of liver detoxification. It has all 5 flavours and enters all 12 meridians, thus supporting all organs of the body.

Like many Liver-loving and detox herbs, schizandra doesn’t have any nasty side effects and makes it possible for the body to cleanse toxins before they do any permanent or long-lasting damage, thanks to an upgrade of function in the Liver system. This embodied detoxification is more broadly viewed as a smooth flow of Qi (life force) through the Liver system from the perspective of the ancient herbalists. Schizandra provides the restoration of foundational Jing energy that helps with building the Kidneys so that basic physiological function including detoxification can occur. Schizandra and gentle detox go hand in hand!

The toxins and microplastics that make their way into our bodies comes from daily metabolic function and the accumulation from the increasing levels of waste in our environment, thanks to corporations and economies prioritizing themselves and seeing themselves as separate from the landscape and human degradation. It’s an exponentially serious problem for us in the modern age, and why schizandra and other tonic herbs have come into such relevance today.

Schizandra is recommended for most anyone to have on hand and in the diet. Only about 5% of people don’t vibe with it long term!

"Schizandra develops the primary energies of life and is thus of great use to anyone who consumes it. Schizandra generates vitality and radiant beauty when used regularly for some time. It is a safe and powerful tonic herb that is mildly calming and possesses pain alleviating properties. If used for one hundred days successively, Schizandra is said to purify the blood, sharpen the mind, improve memory, rejuvenate the kidney energy (especially the sexual functions in both men and women), and cause the skin to become radiantly beautiful."

Ron Teeguarden, master herbalist and author of The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs

Lotus Flower Pollen Powder: For centuries the sacred lotus has been a symbol of divinity, beauty, elegance, purity and perfection. The pollen is collected from the flowers and is very difficult to gather, making it very rare and in high demand. In TCM and Ayurveda it is known to clear away toxic heat, invigorate qi, support blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and age spots, reduce anxiety, calm the mind and make the skin more elastic.

Coconut milk powder: A delicious powder packed with healthy fats to help make the skin soft & moisturized.


Rose Lotus White Chocolate Milk Recipe Wild Bloom Botanicals


Recipe by Root To Sky Kitchen.

Rose Lotus White Chocolate Moon Milk



  • Blender



  • 2 cups spring water (or filtered)
  • 1 tbsp Wild Bloom Botanicals rose lotus milk blend
  • 1/4 tsp wildcrafted rhodiola (or tonic herbs of your choice)
  • 1 tbsp organic maple syrup
  • 1/4 tsp organic vanilla bean
  • 1/8 tsp Vancouver sea salt
  • 1 tbsp organic coconut butter chunks
  • 1 tsp organic cacao butter chunks



  • In a blender, blend everything except the cacao butter: spring water, rose lotus milk blend, rhodiola, maple syrup, vanilla bean, sea salt, and coconut butter chunks.
  • Add the mixture to a small saucepan over medium heat, and then add the cacao butter chunks so they can melt with the rest of the mixture. Stir until the blended coconut butter and cacao butter are gently melted and well integrated with the rest of the mixture. Do not bring it to a boil as it may burn, if the mixture begins to bubble simply lower the heat to medium-low. You'll want a gentle steam and a thorough heating.
  • Once stirred and heated, pour into serving mugs. There should be a nice foamy texture on the surface from the blending. Garnish with extra Wild Bloom Botanicals rose lotus milk blend and rose petals, if you like. Enjoy!



  • Click here for the Wild Bloom Botanicals rose lotus milk blend.
  • Cacao butter chunks/discs are hard and nearly impossible to blend with my generic run of the mill blender, so I like to melt it into the mixture afterwards on the stovetop. When they melt, any solid bits of the coconut butter will melt seamlessly along with them.
  • This tonic is great for any time of day, but especially in the evenings if you’d prefer a caffeine-free relaxation support to wind down.
  • Click here for Wild Bloom Botanicals Rhodiola Energy Tincture. I used the Sun Potion brand of wildcrafted di Tao super ultra rare high quality rhodiola from Tibet, but that’s now discontinued. You can go for any tonic herbs you prefer. I also recommend a Superfeast blend called Neural Nectar, containing wild rhodiola, but you could use anything you can find, whether it’s a tincture or powder.